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KC Performance & Fitness


1. High Intensity Soccer Training (1v1, Small Group, & 6-Week Summer/Winter Training Programs).

2. Youth Sports Performance / Strength & Conditioning 

3. Youth Athletes Mentorship Sessions -

(Goal Setting, Nutrition, College Soccer Recruiting, Injury Recovery & Rehab, etc).


4. Adult Personal Training 

5. Mentorship Meetings (1v1)


My expectation is to provide the Highest Intensity Soccer Training Environment in the Des Moines Metro for soccer players who are serious about taking their game to the next level. This is a great system for youth soccer players to train in the off-season and make substantial strides, but also to get extra sessions in each week during the season by staying sharp on the ball, and putting in extra work.


Our three keys of emphasis include:

1. Skill Development

2. Mentality

 3. Fitness/Conditioning.


You can read more in depth on these topics and in how we train, on the "KC Training Style" Tab. 


KC Performance & Fitness embraces the grind and everything that comes with "getting better" and truly training at a pace that will get you closer to being the best soccer player you can be. This Training Environment is second to none, and is exactly where you need to be if you truly want to become a better player, a more conditioned and well rounded athlete, and benefit your Mentality on all platforms as we relate to hard work, making sacrifices, excelling in school, treating people right, and being a good person. 


My goal, my priority, and my expectation of myself is to check off all these boxes, each and every session that a player is in my Training Environment to provide the best opportunity for them to improve. 

There is more to life than soccer and I prioritize my relationships with each and every athlete. I will influence, motivate, encourage, challenge, light them up, and as always - support them. 


I also offer Sports Performance - Strength & Conditioning for all athletes. As well as personal training for adults looking to work towards their own specific fitness goals. 


Call me anytime and let’s get to work. 



"It is a constant quest to try to become better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you were the day before". - Kobe Bryant

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Kason Crall


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