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1. Year Around Soccer Training hosted at Mid-American Rec-Plex

2. Youth Athletes -  Strength, Speed & Agility Programs

3. Adult Personal Training 

KC Performance & Fitness truly trains at a pace that will get you closer to being the best soccer player you can be. This Training Environment is elite & established. It is exactly where you need to be if you truly want to become a better player, a more conditioned and well rounded athlete, and benefit your Mentality on all platforms as we relate to hard work, making sacrifices, excelling in school, treating people right, and being a good person.  My goal, my priority, and my expectation of myself & my staff is to check off all these boxes, each and every session that a player is training with us.

However, there is more to life than soccer - these are kids, and I prioritize my relationships with each & every one of them to build trust, have fun, & have a great experience. I will always lead my example, motivate & encourage them.


Kason Crall

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Kason Crall


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