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Our Training Style
3 Keys of Emphasis

1. Skill Development

- New Ball Skills (Turns to get away from pressure, Juggling, Dribble Moves

to beat a Defender, Technique, etc).
- Proper Passing Technique (Short Range, Long Range, Driven Passes, etc)
- Ball Striking (Laces, Head Down, Shoulders Over the ball, etc).
- Game Concepts (Speed of Play, Vision, IQ, etc).


2. Mentality

We talk every day on the mental side of sports, and how consistently being the hardest working player on the field, in the weight room, (etc) - will take you further than anything else in your power. Having an unbreakable Mentality and becoming 100% committed to everything that you can possibly control, will give you a competitive edge over your opponents that will also carry with you beyond sports.


- How hard do you train?

- How often do you train?

- What do you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

- Do you eat/drink to "fuel" your body for your next workout - or do you simply "fill yourself up" with whatever is in front of you?

- What are your short and long-term goals? Are they attainable?

- Who do you idolize and why?

- What are your weaknesses, and what are you going to do in the next 6 months to make a change, improve them?

- How often do you stretch, roll-out, use bands at home to help your body recover?

3. High Volume of Conditioning & Fitness

- Sprints & Conditioning is a focus each and every session. I train athletes to accept getting uncomfortable, and to break the mental barrier inside their head when things get tough. You must be able to play soccer at a high level, at game speed, while tired. Sprints make you tougher, they make you faster, and they make you more fit. This is a priority here!

- Agility & Speed Ladders (Ball Involved) to improve Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers & become more explosive in the Summer Months.

- Core: Having a strong core & center of your body improves your balance, coordination, & makes you a more well-rounded soccer player

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